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Waiting for Christmas
CYNDI FRAME: Wait $13.97
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Parodies - CD

Parodies of Songs that "embrace" the subject of growing older! W.O.M.AN. , Gravity, Raise My Cup and Memories! Contact Cyndi Frame at for payment options! $5.00 per CD plus shipping!

Waiting For Christmas - CD

A jazzy collection of popular Christmas songs. Some sacred, some secular--something for everyone! This recording was completed in the hot & humid summer month of August '05. Gives a whole new meaning to the song, "Let it Snow". Band members on this project were: Tony Nalker, piano; Kent Ashcraft, guitar; Aaron Clay, bass; and Chris Rose, drums.
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Wait - CD

Her contemporary style and smooth vocal qualities are evident in this personal project of cover tunes from popular Christian artists released in December of 2000. Title tracks, "Wait" and "Just Like You" are original tunes. Instrumentalists on those songs include: Erik Apland, piano; Kent Ashcraft, guitar; Aaron Clay, bass; Steve Searfoss, drums; Chris Vadala, sax.
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Songs 4 Worship Tranquility - CD

Compliation Series by Time Life and Integrity. "We Come to Your Table, Lord" was a song I wrote for a communion service at Calvary Church. This tune was included in the Songs 4 Worship Series Vol 20 and Songs 4 Worship Tranquility. If you would like to purchase the printed music and accompaniment trax please contact me directly at or 703-470-3970.
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Fallen Heroes - CD

A song written by Nina May and arranged by Cyndi Frame giving tribute to the Fallen Heroes of 9-11. The melody and the words for this ballad were penned over 20 years ago, but the tragic event in 2001 brought this composition to life. Nina's words and compassionate ministry brings encouragement to people all over the world.
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