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Cyndi Frame: Journal

CD Release Party - November 13, 2005

WOW--didn't realize 41 people could fit in our house!! We had a wonderful time chatting, eating and singing some Christmas tunes! I had a serious chocolate headache from the awesome fountain. Just give me strawberries and a cup-I'm all set!!!
Thanks so much to everyone who came--we were thrilled to see you! My parents, Cliff and Judy were overwhelmed with your kindness--thanks from me to you!

Christmas CD - October 15, 2005

Oh my gosh--what an adventure! It's done and here, but the cover pic is a little dark! Might be sending it back for a little "fix-it" session!! If you don't care about the hue, then purchase away!!!
Today is a convertible day in Nah-than Virginny. Did I mention I have a cool red top-down car???

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